Usb_connectorsWe’ve all heard the running joke where there is a 50% chance of plugging in a USB plug the right way, but most of the time we tend to get it wrong on the first try. Well it looks like that could soon be changing as it has been announced that work is being done to create a new generation of USB plugs that will not only be compatible with current connectors, but will be both smaller and reversible, meaning just like Apple’s Lightning connector, you will be able to plug it in regardless which side is up (or down). The new connector is currently known as Type-C and will be an addition to the existing USB 3.1 specification.

While it is unclear as to what the final design will look like, it is expected to be around the size of a Micro USB plug and will be finalized in 2014. The goal of this new design is said to improve ease of use as well as allow for thinner devices, which in a way is what Apple did when they introduced the Lightning connector for its iOS devices, allowing the company to create even thinner devices than before. In order to ensure that USB chargers out there are rendered completely useless, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group will include a specification for adapters and cables to ensure compatibility, at least for now until it becomes the new standard.

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