nexus7-folio-caseSo, you have just gotten hold of a spanking new Nexus 7 that comes in a pristine shade of white. What are you going to do with it? Why, making sure that it is properly protected would be the first step for any Nexus 7 owner, and why not rely on Google’s very own solution to get the job done? We have received word that the Nexus 7 folio case is finally available on the Google Play Store, coming in the form of the Nexus 7 Folio that so happens to be a bumper-style case that has an open back in addition to a tri-fold front cover which allows the Nexus 7 to be propped up whenever it is in use, giving you a pleasant hands-free viewing experience. Pretty handy when sharing a video with friends, or watching a movie on a plane.

Whenever you open up the front cover of the Nexus 7 Folio, it will wake up the tablet within, and according to Google, the Nexus 7 Folio will also play nice with wireless charger technology. For those who are interested, you will be able to pick it up for $49.99 a pop in either red or black shades, depending on whichever rocks your boat. [Product Page]

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