opera-maxOpera has been around for quite some time already where Web browsers are concerned, whether they are on the mobile platform or otherwise. Their mobile browsers are also pretty popular because they are able to compress data, but this has become not as useful as before considering how smartphones have continued to move forward in their evolution, and data is pretty much cheap these days. After all, most of us do use our smartphones to stream music, download as well as upload stuff, check out social networks on the go, among others.


Opera has recently introduced a new beta Android app that they have called Opera Max, where it will be able to compress the majority of the information that goes through the device, regardless of whether they are images, videos or music. This is made possible thanks to Opera’s setting up of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which will be able to measure the amount of data that goes through your device, where these data requests will then be sent through Opera’s servers. It remains to be seen just how much data will be saved eventually, but why not give it a go for a month and see where else you can put the saved data to good use? [Press Release]

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