ps4boxesWe have been hearing reports that the Sony PlayStation 4 has been selling out at various locations in the world, and that it is even beating out the Xbox One in terms of sales, at least for now, but if there’s one place that the PS4 is not doing well at the moment it is in Brazil, where the console costs an eye-watering $1,850, thanks mostly to taxes that hiked up the price. According to initial reports by the G1 news network, it seems that the reception to the PS4 in Brazil is very cold and they had reported that no sales occurred at midnight when the console was launched, and that there were no lines to be seen, which is frankly the opposite of what is happening in other parts of the world.

Like we said earlier, the price of the console, at least officially, is what is putting gamers off from making their purchases, although there are reports that the console is still being bought albeit through unofficial channels, presumably where the prices are a lot more reasonable compared to what Sony is asking for officially. Sony has admitted that this pricing is bad for gamers but as it stands they can’t do anything due to the taxes, unless of course they open up shop in Brazil and start manufacturing there. Hopefully Sony is able to get this under control, but if any of our readers in Brazil can confirm this, let us know in the comments below!

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