There will always be different opinions about smoking. Serious smokers will defend their habit, while non-smokers will probably call it a filthy habit. Those who have been hooked to cigarettes at some point in the life know just how hard it is to quit. Sure there are various alternatives such as nicotine patches and what not, but nothing compares to an actual cigarette, at least for serious smokers. E-cigarettes are often viewed as the second best option, and now the first “connected” e-cigarette aims to do more than just give you your fix.

Right now Smokio is listed as “coming soon,” it will be released once enough funding is raised through the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Smokio will come with apps for both iOS and Android. Through this app, users will be able to track their smoking habits, check the e-cigarette’s battery levels and even adjust the amount of vapour they get with each puff. The app also lets users map places where they’ve used Smokio. For those who need to be praised for their perseverance against actual cigarettes, the app will also show the amount of cigarettes that would have otherwise smoked had they not switched to Smokio. Pricing and availability information is missing at this point in time, but if you’re interested in this product, you might want to check Smokio’s website. [Image via Engadget]

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