Headphone splitters are incredibly handy for sharing music, especially during travel where parents might give their kids an iPad or a laptop to share amongst themselves to keep them entertained during the trip. Unfortunately sharing a pair of headphones might not necessarily be ideal, especially since one person might enjoy their music/movies at deafening volumes, while the other might prefer theirs at a more sensible level. Or it could be that one person’s definition of loud is different from the other person’s.

Well this is where Splitter comes in. Not only does Splitter work as the name has implied, but it will also come with individual volume controls, meaning that both listeners will be able to adjust the volume from their earphones to their satisfaction, allowing them to enjoy their music and movies at the volume level that they are comfortable with. Splitter with connect to your device’s headphone jack via the 3.5mm port and will feature an additional two 3.5mm ports for plugging in headphones. Priced at $10, Splitter can be yours via Wicked Audio’s website.

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