Anything that is free is definitely worth checking out, and when you add Star Wars into the free-to-play model where gaming is concerned, we could very well be looking at a winner here. The Disney-owned Star Wars franchise is set to see Star Wars: Attack Squadrons introduced to the masses, where gamers will be able to take part in 16-player PvP (player vs player) dogfights in the quietness of space, seated in the cockpits of X-Wings, Y-Wings, and A-Wings amongst the rest.

Officially, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will feature the ability to battle online with other humans in three PVP game modes, and you can also hope to end up as the victor in a 16-pilot free-for-all. Alternatively, if you have always played the role of being a supporting wingman well, why not participate in a team dogfight? Alternatively, there is also base defense, where you will have to stop incoming enemies from decimating your base, or play the role of the aggressor by planning and launching an attack on their base. chances are this will be a game that will require you to spend more than just a pretty dime in order to progress far in the game, since it is Star Wars that we are talking about here – a cash cow that still has plenty of milk left within.

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