quickaccessThe Windows Phone 8 platform has certainly fared a whole lot better than BlackBerry OS, despite starting from a position of seeming weakness right at the very beginning. In fact, we have also heard about the possibility of Windows Phone license fees being abolished, but that remains to be seen, of course. Windows Phone is far from the finished article, which means that there is still room for improvement. Word on the street has it for quite some time already that an update to Windows Phone 8.1 might be arriving that will fix the shortcomings involved in the notification segment, but it remains to be seen how that would function or look.

Not any more, as a leaked image of what seems to be the notification customization function display has appeared, where apart from notifications, we are able to check out options for setting up “quick access” to at least a quartet of various functions simultaneously. Apart from that, one is also able to turn notifications on and off when it comes to individual applications. The settings will also be able to turn off notifications which do not affect the functionality of an app’s Live Tile. Now, the big question is, when will this update arrive, and just how will we be able to access those notifications?

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