Judging by the number of start-ups that are around these days, having an idea is nothing if you do not know how to code it into existence, or at least know of some people with the technical knowledge to do so. Why not start your kids young when it comes to coding with the help of two extremely cute robots, namely Yana and Bo? These two robots are capable teachers who can actually teach 5 year olds on how to write code.

The recently crowd-funded Play-i system will rely on various aspects of learning such as music, animation, and stories, in order to deliver the nuances of coding to those aged from 5 to 12 in order to program their robot mates, with all the fun and none of the boredom which are often associated with coding. Yana and Bo will work alongside the learning and storytelling platform, delivering interactive play with a visual programming interface that can be easily accessed via a compatible smartphone or tablet.

They are basically so simple in their teaching, that the entire coding learning experience does not require any kind of reading or writing skills, now how about that? All it needs are a few intuitive commands, allowing inquisitive kids to control Yana and Bo’s motion, regulate their sounds and lights, among others.

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