audi-traffic-lightYou know what they say – have car, will travel. That is fine and dandy if the roads that you drive on do not happen to have plenty of traffic, but what about those of us who live in a cosmopolitan city, where a gridlock has come to be accepted as the norm? Surely, modes of public transport might be a better way to get around town, not to mention skipping nefarious jams as well when you are on a train, or have the luxury of a dedicated bus lane? For those who still prefer the comfort of your own car, Audi has a possible solution for you – through the development of a system known as Audi’s Traffic Light Assist that will be able to inform you on the amount of time that you have before an upcoming light changes, so that you can make the necessary adjustments to your speed, letting you hit the spot at the opportune moment.


Just how does Audi’s Traffic Light Assist (TLA) system work? For starters, it will rely on the car’s Wi-Fi and navigation systems, where TLA will tap into local traffic light control information, before it merges that with navigation info so that it can tell just what lights you are about to approach next. The dash display itself depicts whether the next light will be green or red, while there is also a countdown timer so that you know whether you can remove that sock of yours from your foot to satisfy the itch.

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