cpot[CES 2014] Having plenty of high tech products introduced every single year, it is no surprise then to see an evolutionary process in some home appliances from time to time. I guess it is safe to say that more and more people are getting extremely busy while they are at work, as well as having unprecedented demands at home. This is why the smarter a particular appliance can get, the better. Bens Electric has unveiled their brand new Cloud intelligent cooking appliance known as the cPot, which is the result of over 390 days and nights of research. The cPot involves organically integrating cloud technology with kitchen appliances, which sees itself as an effective solution for modern cooking problems as new concepts to future kitchen life is delivered.

Thanks to Cloud Technology, Bens cPot will rely on the Cloud Intelligent remote control so that it can gain access to the Internet. A single press of a button on a computer, mobile Internet device or smartphone will see the cPot kick off a series of complex procedures, where they range anything from measuring to adding and washing rice, and adding water and preparing porridge. How about that for convenience? It has already picked up some gongs internationally, and perhaps items like the cPot will make it big in the future. [Press Release]

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