warcraft_wowWorld of Warcraft gamers and other MMORPG players are subject to hacks and exploits that attempt to steal their user names and passwords, after which the hackers will either rob the character of all their gold, or maybe even sell it off. For those of you guys out there who are still playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard has recently identified a new malware that poses as a client for a popular World of Warcraft add-on site. The malware, which is a trojan horse, looks and functions exactly the same as the Curse Client (in which gamers use to download World of Warcraft add-ons and tweaks).

In fact when attempting to search for “curse client”, a listing of the fake website pops up and will look exactly the same as the official one, so for those who weren’t paying attention, you might have inadvertently downloaded a malware onto your computer. Blizzard suggests that those who have downloaded the client to delete it and perform a scan on their computer to ensure that there are no traces of it left, using programs such as Malwarebytes. Blizzard has also provided instructions to those who might have been infected as well. Either way for those who are downloading the Curse Client for the first time, do double check to make sure it is from the official site based on its URL, and not just how it looks!

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