So the other day we reported on a car built out of LEGO parts that actually worked, which we have to admit is pretty damn cool, and speaking of cool, how about a truck completely made out of ice? Well maybe not completely as the wheels and engine are still the same, but the top part of the truck’s chassis is built from ice blocks that have been cut and sculpted to resemble a truck! The details and shape alone would have made it pretty awesome as a ice sculpture but the fact that it works and actually runs makes it even cooler! The video was put together by a Canadian company boasting about its battery which remains operable even in extreme temperatures, and what better way to test it out then sticking it in a truck made of ice, right?

The truck was made out of 11,000 lbs of ice and averaged 20km/h and managed to drive a 1.6km which the company is hoping is a world record of sorts. We reckon it might, after all we don’t think we’ve seen a truck made out of ice before, have you? Either way if you have a few minutes to spare, be sure to check out the video above and below to see the making of the truck, the truck in action, and also what the truck looked like once it had melted.

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