cobra-Drive_HD_CDR_830_Back[CES 2014] They say that money is unable to buy you happiness. Well, it can buy you a lot of things, but the kind of inner joy that comes from those things last but for a moment, so that saying is pretty much true. However, money can buy you a certain degree of peace, and case in point, the Cobra Drive HD Series dash cams that have just been announced could let you sleep better at night, knowing that should you get involved in any vehicular accident tomorrow, there will always be evidence recorded right in front of you – just make sure that you are not in the wrong, and it should be all good. cobra-Drive_HD_CDR_830_FrontThe Cobra Drive HD Series dash cams will come with an embedded G-Sensor which will be able to automatically save clips whenever it detects an impact, and the high end model will even arrive with GPS support that allows it to simulcast your precise location on a Google Map alongside your video. The Drive HD Cams will also be able to snap 12-megapixel still shots, and the captured images and videos will then be viewed on a TV or a computer later on. Depending on the model that you select, the Cobra Drive HD Series dash cams will retail anywhere from $119.95 to $249.95.

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