thief-release-dateBack in the day before Assassin’s Creed, Thief was a pretty popular game and thankfully it has been given a reboot in today’s day and age. As you might have heard, the game will see a release on the 25th of February which is a little over a month away and if you’re planning on playing the game on your PC, Eidos Montreal has revealed the minimum and recommended hardware specifications you will need in order to enjoy the game.

Starting with the minimum specs, gamers will need Windows Vista or later, so for those still refusing to upgrade from Windows XP, well you’d be out of luck. Eidos Montreal also requires a “high-performance” dual core or quad-core CPU with 4GB of RAM. They also require 20GB of HDD space. In terms of graphical requirements, having at the very least AMD’s Radeon 4800 series of the NVIDIA GTS 250 would be the minimum.

As for recommended specifications, Eidos Montreal suggests Windows 7 or 8 as the platform of choice. They are also recommending an AMD FX 8000 series or better, or an Intel Core-i7 quad-core CPU or better in terms of CPU, and having more than 4GB of RAM would be ideal. The developers are also recommending either using AMD Radeon HD, R9, or NVIDIA GTX 660 series of GPUs or better with DirectX 11.

So if you do not meet any of those requirements, we guess you still have a little over a month to upgrade your computer, so what are you waiting for?

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