Earlier this month, we did talk about how the upcoming game Thief has received a new trailer, in addition to going gold – which can only mean one thing – the bona fide deal is about to be released in good time. Well, fast forward by slightly more than a couple of weeks later, and we have yet another new trailer of Thief revealed, with the game itself being prepared to be released on both the Sony PS3 and Sony PS4 consoles next week.

In the latest trailer, you will find additional snippets of Garrett’s back story, in addition to some new gameplay that might just whet your appetite even further. Here is an excerpt on what one can expect in the upcoming version of Thief.

Ruled by power and money, the City grows sick. Unwise men have tempered with powers they don’t understand. You take on the role of Garrett, the Master Thief, and you can approach each situation in the way you choose. Play as a predator and strike from the shadows, or complete the game without taking a single life. You can even complete the game without causing an enemy alert. This is classic Thief.

I am quite sure that many a gamer out there would want to put their gaming credentials to the test in an attempt to complete the entire game without triggering off a single enemy alert. This is definitely the game for pacifists.

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