Have you watched The Matrix before? I am quite sure that you would have remembered the scene when Morpheus was explaining to Neo how the machines see human beings as nothing more than batteries to power them. Well, that might very well be too close to the truth in reality, as a certain new invention has been created which would allow one to embed electronic devices beneath their flesh. This new charger happens to be an implantable piezoelectric strip which will be able to turn kinetic energy into electricity. Of course, the “installation” process would require a certain level of surgery, but some folks would think that it is worth going under the knife if you would end up with a strip that can power a pacemaker when it is sewn directly onto the surface of a beating heart.

Apart from that, one’s lungs and diaphragm, too, will be prime targets for these tiny in vivo power plants, as your lungs and diaphragm happen to be in motion all the time, even when you are asleep. These piezoelectric power plants are made up of lead zirconate titanate nanoribbons that are then stashed away in a material known as biocompatible plastic. Apart from that, it will also boast of an integrated rectifier which will be able to convert the electric signal and a tiny rechargeable battery. This invention has not yet been tested on humans, although a cow has had the implants sewed within, so it would still be some time before human trials get underway.

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