There are a lot of ways to purchase airline tickets online. Most major airlines have their own websites with booking engines, while there are a plethora of online travel agents that not only allow people to purchase tickets using their websites, but also through their mobile apps as well. Quite frankly, buying a ticket online isn’t that hard, but Google is said to be working on a new tool that would revolutionize the way people purchase airline tickets online. This according to Michael O’ Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, in an interview with The Independent.

O’Leary claims that Google’s new tool is going to blow the comparison “out of the water.” The project is expected to go live by March, 2014. The CEO describes the tool as a simple way of finding the cheapest flight, Google will display the fares and let users click straight to the airline from where they can purchase their tickets. This won’t be Google’s first foray into the airline business. The company already has a tool by the name of Google Flights, which lets users search for cheap flights online. Its possible that the company might be radically revamping that particular tool or launching an entirely new one.

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