screenshot-2014-01-26-14-40-10When it comes to predicting your search queries and delivering ads, Google has been pretty spot on in that way, and to a certain extent almost creepy that they are able to predict what you are about to search for. Well if you thought that was kind of scary, things are just about to get even scarier as according to Re/code, word on the street has it that Google has recently acquired an artificial intelligence startup company by the name of DeepMind for around $400 million. It is unclear what Google plans to do with this company, but we wonder if it might have anything to do with their recent robotics purchase in the form of Boston Dynamics.

While DeepMind might not necessarily be a name you might be familiar with, say compared to more mainstream companies like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and so on, it seems that the company is able to compete with the likes of huge tech firms when it comes to recruiting top talent. As it stands, sources of Re/code have told them that DeepMind is working on developing a variety of different approaches to artificial intelligence, as well as how to apply them to various products, with a recommendation for e-commerce systems being one of them. While Google has confirmed the acquisition, they declined to confirm whether or not the price of $400 million was what they paid for for the company.

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