HBO GOIt may not necessarily be a crime, but a lot of subscription services would prefer that their subscribers keep their account credentials to themselves and not go about sharing it with friends and family who might have otherwise signed up, and paid mind you, for said subscription service. This doesn’t bother HBO though, CEO richard Plepler revealed in a recent interview. He said that its not like the cable juggernaut isn’t unmindful of the fact that subscribers are doing this, “it just has no impact on the business,” Plepler says.

Plepler was taking to Buzzfeed, so it wasn’t really a formal interview to begin with, the CEO isn’t even donning a necktie, most CEOs don’t give interviews without neckties! He believes that this is actually a smart marketing ploy that brings in more HBO viewers, “We’re in the business of creating addicts,” Plepler boasts in a way that would put Walter White to shame. So yeah, HBO’s cool like that, it doesn’t mind people sharing passwords, though it would go a long way if HBO GO was actually offered unbundled from cable packages. Plepler says that this is a move that he’s “always thinking about,” but its probably not going to happen soon.

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