There are so many streaming services around, it can be a bit hard deciding which to go with. Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to subscribe to all, but WarnerMedia is hoping that maybe you could add HBO Max to the list. This is according to a report from CNBC in which they claim that  the company plans on debuting an ad supported version of HBO Max in June.

This ad supported version will be priced at $10 a month, which is about $5 cheaper than the ad free version of HBO Max. Presumably the services will be identical, with the main difference being the ads, which is in exchange for a lower price tag. We’re not sure how invasive or frequent these ads are going to be, but at $10 a month, it might be appealing to some who plan to subscribe to more than one streaming service at a time.

It would also help HBO Max stand out against the competition, namely Netflix which is priced at $13.99 at the moment, and also Disney+ which is quickly on the rise. That being said, not everyone is thrilled by the idea of an ad supported version of HBO Max. CNBC’s report cites pay-TV distributors who don’t seem thrilled as it means that they would be taking home a smaller cut than before.

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