immersionI am quite sure that we have all heard of cases of road rage before, which is pretty understandable especially when you have had a particularly difficult day at the office, and would like to arrive home in the shortest time possible, but have somehow ended up in an unusual traffic gridlock. Well, gaming has its fair share of rage moments too, especially when you thought you had your opponent in the crosshair, only to miss when you press the fire button. Those who have spent countless hours in a cybercafe or LAN shop would most probably have had their fair share of curses as well as slamming the mouse against the table or banging the keyboard out of frustration. Is there a way to control one’s rage when gaming? The Immersion gaming headset intends to do so.

Samuel Matson is the brain behind the Immersion gaming headset that will hopefully see the end of gamer rage one day. Using biometrics to track the user’s heart rate, it will then adjust in-game happenings. Basically, the Immersion was created using a modified Xbox controller with a pulse sensor so that it can read the gamer’s heart rate, offering visual as well as haptic feedback during gameplay. An optical pulse sensor in the earpiece will keep track of your heart rate, and in a test run, whenever one’s heart rate is calm, the game would be easier with less enemies, and vice versa. This is not the first rage control video game that we have come across, though. [Product Page]

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