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Lenovo Arms Gamers With Mice, Headset And Backpack
[CES 2016] Lenovo certainly made quite a splash back when it introduced its Yoga range of notebooks and Ultrabooks, where you could fold the notebook’s hinge a full 360-degrees, delivering media in the most suitable mode – Tent, Flat, Tablet, or simply to use it as a regular notebook. Having said that, it is not surprising at all to see Lenovo introduce a quartet of devices for gamers this CES, […]

Sony Smart B-Trainer Headset For Runners Coming To U.S. This Fall
Back in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Sony announced a new product called Smart B-Trainer, it’s a headset that’s aimed at runners and it’s capable of doing so much more than blasting your tunes. The SSE-BTR1 or Smart B-Trainer headset features six different sensors, a barometer and gyroscope as well as the ability to measure cardinal direction, acceleration, GPS location and heart rate.

Silver Headset Hits Retailers Now
It is one thing to hear about the impending release of a particular device or accessory, and another altogether to see it finally hit the market. It was just in September when the Silver Wired Stereo Headset that features 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom audio modes and a retractable boom mic all was announced, carrying with it a $69.99 price tag, but today, those who have been interested in picking […]

Turtle Beach Delivers New PS4 Headsets At E3 2014
[E3 2014] When it comes to gaming peripherals of the audio kind, the name Turtle Beach should not be discounted, as they have just announced a slew of new gaming headsets that have been specially designed for the best selling Sony PS4. These new headsets will not be immediately available, but will be out this fall, coming in the following models: Ear Force Elite 800, Ear Force Elite Tournament Audio […]


Xbox One Stereo Headset Announced
The Xbox One and Sony PS4 will continue their console feud from the Xbox 360 and PS3 battles for one simple reason – they are, technologically speaking, closest relatives to one another, with the Nintendo Wii U being the misfit out of the three. It is like the Sega Megadrive and Super NES all over again, except that this is in 2014. Whatever Sony does for the PS4, Microsoft wants […]

Kama Stereo Headset Arrives For PS4 And PS Vita
Gaming headsets are dime a dozen in the market, so to make the right pick could prove to be a rather challenging task for a gamer who is relatively wet behind the ears. Mad Catz has the owners of the Sony PS4 and Sony PS Vita in their crosshairs by introducing the new Kama stereo headset which is touted to deliver affordable quality, comfort and simplicity in a single package. […]

Immersion Gaming Headset Could Prevent Gamer Rage
I am quite sure that we have all heard of cases of road rage before, which is pretty understandable especially when you have had a particularly difficult day at the office, and would like to arrive home in the shortest time possible, but have somehow ended up in an unusual traffic gridlock. Well, gaming has its fair share of rage moments too, especially when you thought you had your opponent […]

LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Stereo Headset Announced
The folks over at LG Electronics have just announced the most recent version of the popular Bluetooth stereo headset, calling it the LG TONE ULTRA – or the HBS-800 if model numbers are your cup of tea. The LG TONE ULTRA would arrive chock full with features, and it will definitely look set to bring listeners to greater heights as it succeeds its predecessor, the LG TONE (or the HBS-700/730), […]

Turtle Beach Call Of Duty: Ghosts Limited Edition Headsets Pricing Revealed
Earlier this year at E3, the showfloor had plenty of “stars”, and it can get pretty difficult trying to filter out all of the “noise”, which is why it is always important to have someone on the ground to do the running and figure out just what is cool to share with the masses. Headsets come and go, but sometimes, there are just some limited edition versions of a particular […]

Mad Catz Ships TRITTON Kunai Stereo Gaming Headset For PC And Mac
It was last year when we brought you word that Mad Catz had started to ship its Kunai stereo gaming headset for both the PS3 and PS Vita, this after knowing that it plays nice with the Nintendo Wii U, too. Well, how about folks who tend to get gaming done on the Windows PC platform as well as on Apple’s Mac? Well, fret not as Mad Catz has just […] Headset Touts A Better Gaming Experience
Messing with one’s mind used to be the domain of manipulative personalities and shrinks, but now it seems that even regular hardware that has been tuned to a certain manner is able to do so. The is a unique kind of headset that indulges in transcranial direct-current simulation (tDCS), which so happens to be a controversial kind of neurosimulation which will transmit current to a particular section of the […]

Monster Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset Ready To Ship
There is nothing quite like a pair of great sounding headphones to accompany your favorite music, and if you want to spice things up a bit, you could very well settle for the Monster Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset that is now available to the masses. Touted by some to be the perfect accessory if you want the ultimate mobile music experience, the Monster Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo […]

Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset by Monster – Demo at GDGT
The Nokia Purity Pro wireless stereo headset was first revealed to the masses at IFA 2012 in Berlin and we had the opportunity to briefly get our hands on the device at GDT on December 6 in San Francisco. The design, which is similar to the previous Purity HD headphones, is quite elegant, and I personally like the bright colors that match the various Windows Phone 8 color schemes.You can […]

NULYX Bluetooth Headset Offers A Different Kind Of High
California-based special effect research firms MediaScience and Team NULYX are working together to develop a new technology that will intensify emotional experiences across all entertainment media platforms. The product of their labor is a new multi-purpose headphone called the NULYX headphone, and it recently made its way into Indiegogo.According to the makers, NULYX is a new technology that allows producers of media to “accurately engineer the audience experience for peak […]