Back in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Sony announced a new product called Smart B-Trainer, it’s a headset that’s aimed at runners and it’s capable of doing so much more than blasting your tunes. The SSE-BTR1 or Smart B-Trainer headset features six different sensors, a barometer and gyroscope as well as the ability to measure cardinal direction, acceleration, GPS location and heart rate.

Sony has also launched a companion app for this product which lets you log your runs and track metrics like total time spent running, number of steps taken, calories burned, average pace and much more.

The headset is even capable of altering music playback based on your heart rate, it automatically selects music based on how fast your heart is beating. If your heart rate is elevated it will select a song with a slower tempo to slow things down, there’s 16GB of built-in storage on the headset so you’ll never be short of space to store those songs.

Smart B-Trainer is water resistant so it can be used even if you’re running in the rain and the resulting sweat from a run is not going to harm it. Sony has not yet confirmed the price of this headset just yet but it has confirmed today that the Smart B-Trainer will be released in the United States this fall.

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