intel_sign[CES 2014] Ever wanted to control your computer using gestures, such as making swiping motions in the air to ALT-TAB between windows, browsing, exiting programs, and such? Well perhaps Intel will be the one to bring such technology to our computers in the future, thanks to the company recently announcing what they’re calling RealSense, which is basically a camera-like technology that will be able to detect gestures, facial recognition, facial features to better understand human movement and emotions, and even finger level movements as well.


Intel’s RealSense technology will also be able to better understand foregrounds and backgrounds, allowing for the creation of better augmented reality, as well as the ability to scan items in 3D. The good news is that Intel will be bringing their RealSense technology to future Intel-powered products, such as Ultrabooks, notebooks, and all-in-one desktop systems come the second-half of 2014. Intel has also announced that their partners, such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, and NEC will be on board with this new RealSense technology.

Some examples of the use of RealSense technology include better Skype calls, where the background of the caller can actually be removed, thus providing a more focused experience, and could also come in handy for those who work at home and want to look more professional. There will also be educational software for children that takes advantage of gestures to allow children to interact with it as well.

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