ipad-tile-scamOne thing is undeniable – Apple’s products are extremely popular to say the least, although the pricing of their devices have placed it out of reach for a fair number of people who earn very little – just enough to scrape by each day, and that’s about it. Having said that, there are some folks out there who would not mind playing the role of the devil’s advocate by being a con to others. In this case, we have some folks living in Ceres, California’s Central Valley, who have been coerced into purchasing what they thought were “iPads” – only to realize that they were on the receiving end of floor tiles instead.


The Ceres Police Department has already received a fair number of reports which were filed by folks who were approached by scammers. These scammers will first offer these tablets for an “out of the box” discounted price, and after you have wired your money over, the product would arrive at your doorstep. You tear away at the packaging, full of eagerness, only to realize that the much vaunted “iPad” is actually a floor tile which is similar to the iPad’s size, complete with an Apple logo in addition to bubble wrap that makes it resemble the actual device.

Having said that, it always pays to be extremely careful when purchasing second hand devices. The golden rule stands, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Best to stick to authorized resellers here, or better yet, get a brand new one yourself whenever possible.

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