official-iphone-5c-3The iPhone 5c was created by Apple to be a slightly cheaper alternative to those who might not be able to afford the iPhone 5s, or who would rather save money and get something cheaper instead. Prior to the phone being announced, some were speculating that the iPhone 5c would be a budget version intended for developing markets and while it is admittedly cheaper, calling it a budget device is far from the truth. So far the phone has not had much success, to the point where Apple reportedly halted its production in favor of the iPhone 5s. Well as it turns out, the iPhone 5c was something of a success, although perhaps not in the way Apple and many others had imagined.

According to reports from Consumer Intelligence Research, compared to the iPhone 4 when it was the mid-ranged option a year ago, the iPhone 5c is grabbing less market share. However what they did find interesting was how the iPhone 5s grabbed more market share than the iPhone 5 did, suggesting that the iPhone 5c could be driving customers to the iPhone 5s! Given that the phone is not that much cheaper, perhaps some customers are thinking that they don’t mind paying the difference in price for a more “premium” phone. Of course it could be a coincidence but either way, we doubt that this was the way Apple envisioned it, but still a pretty nice side effect anyway.

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