slide-1-640x306During the summer, we come across more than our fair share of stories of kids drowning in pools or lakes attempting to cool off from the summer heat. There are a variety of reasons why this might happen. It could be inattentive parents, kids trying to swim in the deep end when they have no experience, or it could be that there was an accident, but either way it is extremely regretful. However hoping to change that through the use of technology is a gadget called iSwimband which is a band that kids or swimmers can wear around their heads. Through the use of Bluetooth connectivity, it will basically inform the user’s phone if the wearer has been submerged for a little too long.

The accompanying app allows the user to determine how long is “too long”, so if you know your kid has a penchant for diving and holding his breath, maybe you could set the timer to be a little longer so you won’t have a mini heart attack every time it goes off. iSwimband is admittedly pretty dorky-looking and will definitely not score you or your kids any cool points at the swimming pool, but then again we guess being alive is definitely better than trying to appear cool, right? Already available in Texas and Arizona, the iSwimband will retail for $150 and will see a wider launch in April and May.

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