LaCie-Fuel_005[CES 2014] If there is a drawback to using iOS devices is that storage is usually fixed, meaning that if you chose a 16GB iPhone but ran out of space, you’re pretty much stuck unless you decide to buy a new phone with a larger capacity. Granted one could turn to cloud alternatives such as iCloud, Dropbox, or stream music instead of storing it on their iDevices, but where’s the fun in that? For those who don’t mind carrying a little extra, LaCie has announced the Fuel external hard drive designed for iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers in mind, basically giving iOS and Mac users an additional 1TB of storage.

As the Fuel can create its own WiFi network, users will be able to seamlessly transfer files from their iOS devices and Mac computers wirelessly without the need of extra cables of power cables, and with 10 hours of battery life, we expect that this should be enough for those looking to do some file transferring on the go. As an added benefit, the Fuel can act as a WiFi hotspot and share internet access with other devices if connected to a WiFi network with internet. The Fuel will also sport AirPlay connectivity and will be able to mirror content from a mobile device to a TV, allowing users to share photos or videos on a larger screen.

If wireless transfer isn’t your thing, the LaCie Fuel will also support USB 3.0 file transfer which is great when you’re at home and don’t necessarily need wireless transfer capabilities. Priced at $199, LaCie did not mention when the Fuel will be made available other than “soon”.

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