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German Machine Turns Water Into Gasoline
Forget about making cars that can run on water, how about a machine that can turn water into gasoline? That’s what a group of German chemical engineers have claimed to achieve. They have built a machine which is capable of synthesizing petroleum-based fuels from water and carbon dioxide. This machine can convert gases extracted from water into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

LaCie Unveils Fuel External Hard Drive For iOS And Mac
[CES 2014] If there is a drawback to using iOS devices is that storage is usually fixed, meaning that if you chose a 16GB iPhone but ran out of space, you’re pretty much stuck unless you decide to buy a new phone with a larger capacity. Granted one could turn to cloud alternatives such as iCloud, Dropbox, or stream music instead of storing it on their iDevices, but where’s the […]

Patriot Unveils Fuel+ Line Of Mobile Charging Devices
For the most part, a lot of smartphones out there today will probably give you a full day’s worth of use before running out of battery, maybe even two days for the extra frugal users, but for the heavy users, if you’re constantly running out of juice before the afternoon is out, Patriot has unveiled their Fuel+ series of mobile chargers which will allow you to charge your mobile device […]

Fuel The Smallest Cellphone Charger In The World
When it comes to modern day smartphones and cellphones, the one Achilles Heel that they have would be the battery life, where for some power users, that would mean the lack of it. Well, whenever you travel, even if just for a day, it is wise and of course advisable to bring around your mobile charger as you can never quite tell just when you need more juice than normal. […]


Automatic Driving Assistant Provides Money-Saving Tips Based On Driving Behavior has just launched an accessory called the Automatic Link which connects to your car’s on-board computer, via an industry-standard connector. From there, the Automatic Link sends information over Bluetooth 4.0 (which uses less power than previous versions) to a smartphone via an app. At the moment, only iOS is supported, but Automatic has planned an Android version “in the fall”.Automatic Driving Assistant uses real-world data from the car’s on-board […]

Cambridge Crude: liquid electricity
While electric vehicles (EVs) are slated to be the vehicles of the future, a number of factors are holding people back from switching over from regular vehicles right now. EVs have a lower driving range, extremely slow recharge speeds and there aren’t enough charging stations around when compared to regular gasoline-fueled vehicles. Well it looks like it won’t be for too long; researchers from MIT have developed a new battery […]

Wood for motor fuel?
Renmatix, a Georgia company claims that a major hurdle has already been overcome when it comes to turning agricultural waste into vehicle fuel as well as other useful chemicals – and this was achieved through a technology which is capable of treating the waste with compressed water that has been heated to very high temperatures.Renmatix intends to commercialize this technology that will be used to convert cellulosic biomass, or wood […]

Nanobeads to store Hydrogen for fueling cars
Hydrogen-powered vehicles haven’t exactly been successful due to the highly volatile nature of hydrogen – it is extremely difficult to store. At the moment, storing hydrogen requires high-pressure cylinders that are up to 700 times the atmospheric pressure, or super cooled to a liquid at -423 degrees F. A solution was previously presented to solve this problem – Hydrides, but it wasn’t very successful because it would take hours for […]

Biolamps uses CO2 to light up the streets
One of the key problems we currently face in our world is the pollution produced from cars. And one of the solutions used to combat this problem is electric cars, but since they are much too costly for most people to afford at the moment, so a designed has come up with a proposed solution to the problem. Called Biolamps, these lamps contain algae mixed with water, which converts the […]