monster-hunter-4-ultimateSo, we have heard about Monster Hunter 4 arriving as a Nintendo 3DS bundle over in the Land of the Rising Sun (where else?) in October last year, and if you cannot get enough of the Monster Hunter series on Nintendo’s diminutive handheld console, then here is a little bit of something for you to check out – apparently, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is already being prepared to be released as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, although this particular title will roll out sometime early next year.

Well, you know what they say – better late than never, so this means us folks living in the West would have to be in possession of additional patience than normal. Monster Hunter 4G has also been announced, where it is an updated version of Monster Hunter 4 that has been refined, not to mention featuring a bunch of other content to boot. I can almost feel the excitement of this news reverberating across the Western world of gaming, and we do hope that the future will see other kinds of Monster Hunter titles being localized sooner rather than later. Have a heart, Capcom! Are you stoked yet after reading this particular bit of news? Surely it is time to make sure your Nintendo 3DS lasts until next year…

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