[CES 2014] Some of us find it hard to make our smartphones last an entire day on a single charge. If you are constantly using data hungry applications, playing games, streaming content and taking a lot of pictures and videos, chances are your iPhone’s battery will die out faster than it would if you sparingly used the smartphone throughout the day. In such cases, removable batteries save the day, but the iPhone’s battery can’t be removed. Which is why there are a plethora of cases out there that come with external battery packs for the iPhone. Mophie makes such cases, and at CES 2014 it has announced the Space Pack for iPhone, a case that solves yet another dilemma.


Despite the fact that the latest iPhones can be purchased with onboard storage as high as 64GB, some find it to be insufficient. The alternative is to carry a portable wireless HDD which let you store and stream content on your mobile device. If you don’t want to carry around another piece of technology but would appreciate the additional storage, the Space Pack is for you. It not only promises to double the battery life of your iPhone, it also offers 16GB and 32GB of storage to extend that baked into the smartphone. Space Pack comes with an app called Space that allows you to organize local files without having to connect the iPhone to a computer. Mophie Space Pack is available for pre-order now, it costs $149.95 and $179.95 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively.

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