motorola-assistThe power of voice is something that the consumer electronics has taken a closer look at in recent years, and this time around, it would be Motorola Assist that would fall under such a spotlight. This particular Motorola Assist app has been made available for more recent Motorola handsets, where it is smart enough to prevent calls from waking you up at selected times of the day, as well as being able to make sure that your handset remains silent whenever you are in a meeting. Not only that, there is another interesting feature that allows texts to be read to you while you are at the wheel, so that your attention will remain on the road instead of on the phone’s display.


Apart from that, Motorola Assist is smart enough to make sure that it can automatically resume the play of the previous audio track that you were listening to over Bluetooth or the headset jack, whenever it detects that you are driving. Another update this time around would let you compose and send a text simply by speaking to it, although it remains to be seen how accurate the voice recognition capability of Motorola Assist can be. Perhaps non-native English speakers might find it to be more difficult and challenging.

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