It appears that hackers didn’t spare major retailers during the holiday season. At first it was Target which confirmed that it had been hacked, initially claiming that information of more than 40 million customers had been compromised, the number has now been raised to over 70 million. Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus has confirmed that it too was victim of a security breach, and fears that the hackers might have been able to steal credit and debit card information of its customers.

A spokesman for the company tells Reuters that they don’t know exactly how many customers have been affected by the breach, and declined to comment if this incident was related to Target in anyway. The U.S. Secret Service is currently investigating. Neiman Marcus was first informed of unauthorized payment card activity by its payments processor in December. A recent report also suggests that at least three other major U.S. retailers were targeted and that they may have been victims of a large scale security breach as well, these retailers have not been named. Sources close to the investigation believe that the ring leaders might be from Eastern Europe, but so far no public statements have been made regarding the hackers. If you happened to shop at Neiman Marcus, or any other major retailer during the holiday season for that matter, it would be best to keep an eye on your card activity, and report to the bank immediately should you spot an anomaly.

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