netgear-ac750-EX6100[CES 2014] Netgear’s AC750 WiFi extender is the new addition to the growing line of WiFi AC offering from the company, and it comes with a twist: with a simple LED light system, the AC750 can tell the user where the optimum position is in the order to get the best ratio between range/distance and signal quality. It seems to do this by running a simple analysis of signal strength which will tell the user not to place it too far from the router. The idea is to get as close as the range limit of the router as possible, while not going too far and lose the signal. It seems trivial, but without those light indicators, you would probably waste a lot of time with trial/errors and benchmarks.

In case the home has Ethernet wiring, the Netgear AC750 can also connect to that and become a simple long-range WiFi access point. That’s a great way to “upgrade” your WiFi network to WiFi-AC, without having to buy a new router.

Finally, since it uses dual band (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz), which makes it possible to split the network traffic to avoid congestion. I honestly never needed to do that, but if you have tech-savvy kids who use a lot of bandwidth, this may come in handy.

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