nintendo-ds-wii-uNintendo is a company that is going through rough times these days, and we have heard that while the company intends to get out of this rut the old fashioned way – through hard work and some luck on the side, those of you waiting to receive news of a cheaper Wii U console will be disappointed. The thing is, word on the street has it that Nintendo could look into a health related solution to their current woes for the future, but at times, it might be best to patch up a leaking boat by looking into one’s past success and surviving on an extraordinary catalog of games. This is what might happen – Nintendo President Satoru Iwata (after getting a pay cut of course) did share that Nintendo could work on bringing their DS library to the Wii U via the Virtual Console.

Sometimes, the answer to a particular problem might seem so simple that many people would have glossed over it, but this sounds workable from most angles. It would be somewhat the equivalent of having a controller with a second screen, which would mean the Wii U was the ideal platform all along. Or was this Nintendo’s secret backup plan just in case things turned sour? [Press Release]

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