wiiufirmware-delayOne of the defining features of the Nintendo Wii U would be its GamePad. The GamePad, for those unfamiliar, is essentially a second screen for the Wii U, always gamers to stream games from the Wii U onto it for times when the television might be in use. It is also used as a gaming accessory. However apparently there is some confusion regarding the GamePad, at least according to analyst David Gibson who tweeted during Nintendo’s investor call that one of the Wii U’s weakness, according to Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata, would be how the GamePad is being thought of as an accessory for the Wii, instead of the Wii U.

Gibson also mentioned that there will be no price cuts for the Wii U anytime soon, which we guess is bad news for gamers who were hoping that during Nintendo’s troubles that a price cut would be in order in a bid to help drum up some sales. It was recently that Iwata took to stage to announce some of their plans for the Wii U’s future, one of which might involve the creation of apps and not games for mobile devices. He also suggested that failing to target the kids demographic could be one of the reasons why the Wii U is doing badly as well. Iwata also suggested that Nintendo’s future could include a platform that would be health-related, an interesting departure from the company’s current core competency which are games. What do you guys think? Do you agree that recognition of the Wii U is one of the reason it isn’t doing so well?

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