nintendo-wii-u-gamepadThe Nintendo Wii U is not doing very well at the moment. According to the latest figures, Nintendo only managed to sell 2.4 million Wii U units in the last 9 months, a number which was dwarfed by the likes of Sony and Microsoft who sold just as many, if not more, of their next-gen consoles in a much shorter time span. It was to the point where Nintendo executives agreed to take pay cuts as an apology of sorts for the company’s poor performance. That being said, what’s wrong with the Wii U that is causing it to not sell well? According to Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, he believes that not catering enough for children could be the reason.

Speaking to a Japanese newspaper (translated by Cubed3), Iwata felt that Nintendo was not targeting children enough with the Wii U, unlike the Nintendo 3DS which has been doing pretty well for itself. This is likely due to the diverse range of software available for the 3DS and probably the way the Wii U has been marketed as well, which Iwata feels has strayed too far from the kids demographic. Iwata has mentioned that Nintendo is exploring new strategies which he will be sharing with the public in the near future. In the meantime what do you guys think? Is not targeting kids one of the reasons the Wii U is failing?

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