2410221-3dsWhile the Nintendo Wii U might not be doing too well, it seems that the Nintendo 3DS on the other hand is enjoying a fair level of success. According to a report from Famitsu, it seems that over in Japan, the Nintendo 3DS has managed to cross the 15 million mark in terms of units sold. This covers both the Nintendo 3DS and the 3DS XL. While this might seem like a pretty big number, it seems that the 3DS could have done better as sales have been down year-over-year in 2013, but according to reports, the handheld console is expected to do better in 2014.

Nintendo’s plans for 2014 have yet to be outlined, but according to the rumors, the company is looking to do something with mobile which could come in the form of free mini games. These free mini games are said to draw customers to Nintendo’s consoles, perhaps provide them with a taste of the games before making their decision as to whether they should purchase Nintendo’s hardware and software. Interestingly enough Nintendo is still sticking to their guns to not release full games, like Mario or Zelda, to mobile.

There has also been a rumor that suggests that Nintendo could be looking to create new consoles. They have been tentatively known as the Fusion DS and the Fusion Terminal, but as to whether those rumors pan out remain to be seen.

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