OKIDOKEYS mechanism on the door, inside the house – I saw the demo: you unlock using the smartphone

[CES 2014] There are already a number of solutions out there that leverage technology to modernise the traditional lock and key. For example, there’s Lockitron, which basically turns a smartphone into a door key. Using the Lockitron self-install kits and a free app, doors can be locked and unlocked automatically from anywhere in the world. A similar solution by OKIDOKEYS has been announced on Sunday at CES 2014. The new line of smart locks and keys allow users to lock and unlock any door using smartphones, feature phones and smart tags, while having a fail-safe mechanism, traditional keys are also supported.


What you see when you are outside the house: a traditional door knob and a aditional lock above

The company’s smart locks support Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, RFID and CAC, they’re not dependent upon Wi-Fi networks due to OKIDOKEYS’ virtual network. Locks can be installed in any home door and through the free app for iOS and Android, users can set different opening rules. For example, locks can be configured to automatically open whenever an authorized user is close to the lock. If locks are paired with the company’s smart-reader, they can also be opened using metal keys, smart keys as well as a RFID card which can be kept in a wallet. This is where these locks have a leg up on Lockitron, which essentially loses its purpose if there’s no battery left in the smartphone, users have to use a traditional key in that case. Through the OKIDOKEYS app web portal, users can create, share and even revoke keys for friends and family from anywhere in the world. Keys can be generated with a time-limit after which they will be rendered useless. Owners can also receive notifications whenever the doors are being operated. The smart lock will be available in many colors including a customizable one that users can paint to match the decor of their home, available for purchase later this month starting at $179, the shipping begins in early spring 2014.

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