psnow-inviteWho would have thought 20 years ago that one day down the road, one’s favorite video game could eventually end up being streamed from a server somewhere halfway across the world? I certainly did not see this coming, and always figured out that cartridges and CDs were the next best thing since sliced bread (with butter on the side, of course). I guess things have really changed – and for the better, too, now that we are slowly moving away from physical media and to the cloud. Having said that, Sony has begun to roll out the private beta testing phase for PlayStation Now, where they have emailed the relevant parties with a confirmation link alongside a bunch of instructions on what will happen in the near future.

Folks who have taken the initiative to sign up will also be privy to “exclusive access” so that they are able to test out the new game streaming service. Not only that, one will also be granted the opportunity to share your two cents’ worth to the PS Now team. As for the requirements in order to take part of this particular exercise, it is pretty normal, other than the fact that you will need to own a PS3 that is hooked up to the Internet, in addition to havin a broadband connection that is at least 5Mbps fast. So far, it seems that the invites have been limited to the LA and DC areas, since your ZIP code is requested in the sign-up process.

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