ps4-xbox-one-pre-orderThe next-gen console wars should really be between the Nintendo Wii U, the Sony PlayStation 4, and the Microsoft Xbox One, but the reality is that the war is really between both Sony and Microsoft at the moment. As it stands both consoles are doing particularly well, with Sony taking the lead in some markets, and Microsoft taking the lead in other markets, but which console will prevail? While it remains a bit too early to tell, since both consoles only launched a few months ago, one particular industry insider by the name of Ashan Rasheed believes that Sony has pretty much won the war and that the Xbox One will forever be behind it.


According to Rasheed, “Xbox One will be behind all generation, and not buy [sic] some small trivial margin. It will be enough to show up distinctly in exclusives.” He then followed up with another tweet which seemed to suggest that Microsoft did not design the Xbox One with the future in mind. “The PS4 has more left in the tank that will start showing up going forward. It was designed with more forward thinking hardware choices.” Of course there’s really no way of telling who will “win” the console wars as there are many factors to take into consideration, such as price, exclusives, and given that consoles these days can do more than just play games, social features could also be taken into consideration as well, but what do you guys think? Will Sony’s PS4 win the console wars this generation?

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