riva-x-black[CES 2014] RIVA has just launched its Turbo X speakers for the masses, where it also picked up the gong as an Honoree for this year’s  CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. The RIVA Turbo X Bluetooth speaker has been touted to be the ultimate personal home entertainment sound system, where it is capable of delivering amazing audio performance thanks to selectable EQ settings which were specially designed for music, movies, video games, as well as other media. It boasts of a sophisticated patented design that comes with 7 speakers, 45 watts of power, an 18-hour reverse charging battery, Turbo volume boost, and surround sound which has been powered by ADX’s proprietary Trillium technology.riva-x-white-3As for the RIVA Turbo S Bluetooth speaker, this particular model has been designed for the mobile lifestyle for those who want a compact speaker without having to make the sacrifice of audio quality. You will find the Turbo S deliver 30 watts of power, featuring a dozen hours of battery life and surround sound powered by ADX’s proprietary Trillium technology. Regardless of which model you pick, they will come with capacitive touch buttons, proximity sensing lights, dual speaker synchronization, and teleconferencing capabilities with Cear noise and echo cancellation processing technology. Not only that, fret not about carrying it to the beach with you, since these will be IPX3 water-resistant rated.

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