galaxy-note-122-pre-order-ukWhat do you think is the ideal size for a particular tablet? Would 7″ cut it for you, or are you the type who would not settle for anything else other than 10″ at the very minimum? Well, Samsung has been well known for targeting just about the entire spectrum of the market in the world of consumer electronics, and you can tell how they have a TV, smartphone and tablet for just about anyone and every one. The Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro (which recently went by the FCC and gained its approval) is already available for pre-order over at the UK, where this high end Android-powered tablet has been slapped with a £649 price tag – which is roughly $1,076 or €788 after conversion. “Ouch!” for your wallet would be the appropriate response.

Do bear in mind that the amount of money which you fork out for this puppy would be for the Wi-Fi version that has an octa-core Exynos chipset. You will be able to select from either black or white colors, and it is tipped to ship from next week onward. Each pre-ordered unit will be accompanied by a free bundled premium Gamepad that is worth £80 as a standalone purchase, not to mention sporting a bunch of free software to boot. It would certainly be interesting to check out whether this particular tablet will do well in the market considering its price tag.

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