samsung-galaxy-s4-review-015Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 feature a dramatic redesign? Will it incorporate the use of metal and more “premium” materials compared to previous models that relied mostly on plastic? That’s hard to say but last we heard, the rumors suggested that it could incorporate both plastic and metal, but now thanks to a new rumor, it has been suggested that Samsung could launch two different versions of the Galaxy S5: one in a metal finish, and one in a plastic finish, which reminds us of Apple’s strategy in 2013 when they launched the more premium iPhone 5s, and the plastic iPhone 5c.

Assuming that is the case, chances are we could see two Galaxy S5 handsets priced differently, with the metal version presumably being more expensive, while the plastic version will be sold at a cheaper price. However given that Apple’s strategy of two different iPhones at different price points didn’t exactly work out, we’re not sure if Samsung’s plan will either, unless of course the pricing of the plastic Galaxy S5 is noticeably cheaper than the metal version. In any case do take it with a grain of salt for now, and hopefully more information will make its way online in the near future, especially with the rumor that Samsung might launch the device in March 2014.

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