Do you ever find yourself asking what’s next for tablets? At the end of every release cycle we’re treated to new tablets that are slightly thinner and lighter than before and offer even more power under the hood, but the device itself more or less remains the same. Samsung seems to have been pondering over the same question as well, which is what explains a new patent that it has been recently granted. The company has apparently been toying with the idea of a foldable tablet, a tablet that you can actually fold like a book and carry around.


The sketches included in this patent don’t reveal anything about the design such a tablet could end up having. It simply draws our attention towards the possibility of a tablet like this becoming real in the future, a tablet that folds without having a hinge in the middle. No additional specifications are mentioned, so its safe to say that Samsung’s foldable tablet is still on the drawing board at this point in time. There’s also the possibility that it might never materialize, because we know not everything that’s patented ends up seeing the light of day. Nevertheless, a foldable tablet really does some like a concept that should be pursued by Samsung, after all it is expected to focus more on tablets starting 2014.

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