sm-w750vSamsung, one of the worldwide leaders when it comes to the smartphone market, has been flying pretty high with their slew of Android-powered devices. Well, it seems that they might have another go at the rival Windows Phone platform, thanks to a brand new model that will be known as the SM-W750V. This device has just received approval from the folks over at the Bluetooth SIG, which means it is targeting a North America release. Apart from that, chances are the SM-W750V will be the first 5” 1080p Windows Phone 8 device from Samsung, where it will also feature LTE connectivity as well as Internet Explorer pre-loaded.

How will the introduction of the Samsung SM-W750V have a bearing on Nokia’s foray into the world of Windows Phone handsets? After all, Nokia has pretty much concentrated on the Windows Phone platform all this while and have actually done pretty well for themselves, growing exponentially in various markets. Only time will tell whether the other players such as Sony stepping into the world of Windows Phone will have an impact on Nokia’s bottomline or not, but it seems that Nokia is not too worried about it. However as consumers, we certainly have nothing much to complain about since more choices are always better, right?

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