scandu[CES 2014] Your smartphone is capable of so much more, and I am quite sure that this particular device will be able to do a whole lot more in the future as well as technology develops at a breakneck pace. Having said that, CES 2014 has been pretty interesting when it comes to add-on devices which will be able to transform a seemingly normal smartphone into a tricorder of sorts. You know, the device in the Star Trek movies that function as medical diagnostic kits. Take the Scanadu Scout for instance, where it has famous financial backers that include Yahoo’s founder Jerry Yang.

A prototype of the Scanadu has already been developed, but it is not 100% operational just yet, just like the fictional Death Star. Still, when the Scanadu is finally made available to the masses, it will still have another huge hurdle to overcome – that is, to be able to obtain the health regulators’ approval before it can go on sale. Still, optimism spills over from the Scanadu team, and there are already other models from the Scanadu family that are already in the pipeline. I sure as heck hope that these add-on devices will have a battery of their own, otherwise the smartphone’s battery had better feature a higher capacity.

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