sky-adsmartThe launch of Sky AdSmart can only mean one thing – more money for the network operator, as well as the possibility of you actually welcoming advertisements. Right now, most advertising models work this way – reach as many eyeballs as possible, and hopefully some of the folks who check it out will be emotionally engaged to actually purchase that particular product or engage a service. Well, with the launch of Sky AdSmart, it does the same thing but in a slightly different manner, that is, it will deliver targeted advertising to your TV.


Sky AdSmart has been described to be a new tailored advertising service that has undergone a successful half year trial. Many major household names had already signed up with the service, where among them include Tesco, Royal Bank of Scotland, Littlewoods, American Airlines and Audi. Other huge brands such as Citroen and Dial-A-Flight too, have confirmed that they will be rolling out campaigns using the Sky AdSmart service in the year ahead.

Sky AdSmart is already available in over 20% of UK households, where it will deliver tailor-made TV ad breaks that will skew favorably toward a household’s profile and location. This would enable advertisers to target their campaigns in a more accurate manner (hopefully), while delivering the hope of increasing the size of the TV advertising market. [Press Release]

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