ps-vita-review--1024Our smartphones these days are more than capable of playing video games. In fact some of the games for smartphones have been beautifully designed, like the Infinity Blade franchise, for example, so in terms of graphics, saying that our phones can’t handle it is no longer applicable, although that might have been true many years ago. Basically what this means is that forking out money for a separate handheld console like the Nintendo 3DS or the PS Vita is no longer necessary, unless there are very specific games on the platform that you want to play. To that extent it seems that Sony has put the blame on smartphones and tablets as to the reason why PS Vita sales have not exactly been very good.

Speaking to VG247, Sony UK managing director was quoted as saying, “Games on tablets and phones have changed the marketplace and people can’t carry too many things around at one time The truth is that the number of people that want the core experience [that Vita offers] is not as big as the number that simply want any sort of game available on the move and, because the likes of a tablet and smartphone are so multifunctional in their use, they will always be very appealing.” We have to admit that is pretty true since no one wants to carry a smartphone, a tablet, and a handheld console all at the same time, not to mention the additional costs it might incur from buying games for consoles, versus smartphones/tablets where games are a lot cheaper. What do you guys think? Do smartphones and tablets do away with the need for a dedicated handheld gaming console?

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